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Additional Information The e.lens Remote Tracing Network is a revolutionary, extremely accurate and inexpensive remote tracing solution! e.lens Office allows optical professionals to remotely transmit prescription, frame size and shape data to their laboratory's computer and on to the lab's edging equipment. e.lens Office utilizes advanced digital scanning technology and proprietary software that calculates accurate frame shape and size from an optical professional's tracing. Inaccurate "C" guages are never used with e.lens because the shape and size calculated by e.lens is virtually identical to the shape and size derived when tracing with expensive laboratory frame tracers. This gives e.lens Network Labs the ability to offer their clients remote tracing for a fraction of the cost of a mechanical frame tracer and makes remote tracing practical for just lens only jobs!

e.lens Office provides the best of both worlds because it also supports input from most popular mechanical frame tracers. This means e.lens Network Labs can offer their clients ALL remote tracing solutions! Having the full price spectrum at your selection is a powerful tool that ensures remote tracing profitability for even the lowest volume office.

e.lens Office is a full featured, 32 bit, multi-threaded Windows application with 128 bit encrypted communications. e.lens Office utilizes an attractive and friendly user interface that's loaded with value added office management and marketing features. Installing e.lens Office has been compared to the ease of installing a new printer for your personal computer. e.lens makes remote tracing and lens ordering simple, secure, and trouble free!

The e.lens network has been carefully designed from the ground up to be a support friendly, turn-key remote tracing solution, for both the Office and Lab! Thousands of man hours have been invested in the seamless design of it's calculations and communications. Future enhancements are automatically handled behind the scenes. Each time an Office connects to the Network, e.lens verifies the integrity of the Office software. If it determines that new enhancements are available, or new materials, or lenses need to be added, the files are automatically downloaded to the office computer. You will never be bothered with installing a lens configuration update disk or purchasing new upgrades!

e.lens Network Labs receives the e.lens Lab system, It's always active interface automatically checks for orders every 10 minutes, or sooner if desired. When orders are found, the machine verbally announces, "e.lens are waiting". Orders are verified and accepted by just touching the computer screen. Upon accepting an order, the information is forwarded to the laboratory's host computer, then on to the laboratory's edging equipment.

Like e.lens Office, this state of the art software automatically downloads software enhancements and configuration updates. Additionally, it automatically shuts it's self down and reboots each night for the purpose of performing self diagnosis and file maintenance. The next morning e.lens Lab is fresh and eager to alert the laboratory:
"You have e.lens waiting!"
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For additional information, or to locate a licensed e.lens laboratory near you, e-mail WinVoice Development Sales/Lab referral at or call 800-665-0091

For information on the new e.lens drill, please click here.
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Have doctors that are interested in e.lens? Would they like to see a website specificly geared for the information they would like to see? They can go to for more information! Don't forget that we have e.lens demo CD's available, you may order them from your e.lens laboratory computer by using the "supplies" button. is slowly gathering steam. Don't forget to make sure your price list is up-to-date. Especialy after the recent postal rate increases. Log on by clicking here if you've forgotten your password, contact customer sales at 800-665-0091.   Did you know your e.lens laboratory computer isn't just for scanner orders? Your e.lens computer functions as a full-time receiver of jobs from various sources. Those include the "uncut" version of the e.lens client software, your personal website, and If you would like any additional information on any of these, call at 800-665-0091.  
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